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For many years Yemen has been plagued by instability, poor governance, lack of rule of law, and poverty. Before March almost 16 millions people, or 61% of the population, were in need of some form of humanitarian assistance. On November 12, the U.N. stated that at least 5,878 people have been killed and 27,867 others have been wounded since then because of escalation of violence due to conflict in the country. The destruction of infrastructure and restrictions on imports has led to 21.2 million people being deprived of life-sustaining commodities and basic day to day services.

Over the years AHED International has been working through local partner organizations implementing seasonal projects such as Ramadan food baskets, and Udhiyah meat distribution, to help alleviate poverty and hunger in the area. Since the onset of current humanitarian crisis AHED International has been sending emergency humanitarian assistance inside Yemen. AHED International continues to provide assistance to the displaced families in Yemen in the form of food, clothing, medical supplies, and more.

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