Despite impressive economic growth during recent decades, India continues to face socio-economic challenges. Population growth and rapid urbanization are creating huge challenges for India. As the seventh largest country, and the second most populous nation with over 1.2 billion people, an alarming 440 million live below the line of poverty.  73% of the population lives in rural areas, with limited access to food and water.  Poverty, malnutrition, and limited access to health care are a historical reality in India. In 2015, it was reported that 15% of Indian population is undernourished, and 30.7% of India’s children under the age of five are underweight.

Furthermore, the education infrastructure in India is reversing with the rate of literacy being extremely low in most urban areas. Pollution is causing major health problems to vulnerable citizens of India, and exposure to it has become the sixth largest killer in India. Climate is another major challenge facing the Indian population regularly.  India is vulnerable to natural disasters such as seasonal monsoons, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, and landslides.

AHED International partners with local relief and development organizations to implement seasonal programs, and provide urgent humanitarian assistance when disaster hits.

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