What We Do

We provide humanitarian aid to the poorest and neediest

Baitulmaal is a humanitarian aid organization that realizes human rights.  We provide assistance for humanitarian purposes, in response to humanitarian crises including natural and man-made disasters. Our primary objective is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity.  Aid is funded entirely by voluntary donations from individuals, and non-governmental charity organizations.  Humanitarian aid is delivered nationally and internationally, in coping with major emergencies affecting large numbers of people.  In order to reach as many people as possible, Baitulmaal partners with other non-profit organizations in the recipient locations. Through these relationships, we ensure that donated aid supplies are delivered to places with true need, and distributed by Baitulmaal representatives. Through our five programs, we provide assistance in the form of:

  • Material relief assistance and services (shelter, water, medicines etc.)
  • Emergency food aid (short-term distribution and supplementary feeding programs)
  • Relief coordination, protection and support services



Our Programs Include: