Water Crisis in E. Africa

Water Crisis in E. Africa

E. Africa nations faced a massive droughtandfamine situation that caused the death of many people most of them were children, the death of livestock and the migration of many families looking for food and clean water to survive.

All thanks be to Allah first, then to the generosity of the donors, Baitulmaal, on behalf of the donors and supporters reached out and helped thousands of people with food supplies and clean water in different remote villages and camps. People’s live in the region is slightly improving, however the effect of the drought and famine can be observed on many.

What is being done?

To maintain the improvement of the people lives in the region, Baitulmaal has established different sustainable program and projects to help families be self sufficient. For more info click here. Clean drinking water distribution has been Baitulmaal’s priority, Baitulmaal purchased a water trucker to deliver drinking water to people in remote villages.

Baitulmaal, also, dug 27 water wells in different villages on the border of Somalia and Keny, this helped thousands of people and their livestock to have access to clean water.

How can you help?

With the help of Allah then your continuous support, Baitulmaal will be able expand the relief operation to different region to reach out to more people with food supplies and drinking water.

One load of drinking water in the water trucker cost around $150.00 driven and delivered to people in villages within 200 miles, your sponsorship of one truck load of clean drinking water will be rewarded and appreciated, please click the red button to sponsor or donate any amount.


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