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“Day of Dignity” – South Dallas Muslim Communities (DFW) "Day of Dignity" an annual day arranged by the Muslim Community [...]

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

Nearly 3.5 million Americans on the island of Puerto Rico face a harsh and unmerciful reality after Hurricane Maria has [...]

Harvey Disaster

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Tornado Kills Dozens in 6 States

Millions of Americans under threat of severe weather conditions.  Dozens of deaths have been reported in six states due to the [...]

Local USA Projects

Baitulmaal does not only provide international humanitarian aid, Baitulmaal remains committed to helping families affected by poverty, disability, and disasters [...]

Clean Water for Flint, Michigan

Michigan was declared a state of emergency. AHED International (Baitulmaal) has made a much-needed donation to the people of Flint, [...]

Hurricane Matthew: Storm disaster kills hundreds in Haiti and hits US Coast

Hurricane Matthew is the most powerful Carribbean storm in a decade, where the death toll soared to more than 400 [...]

North Texas Flood & Tornado Relief

AHED International (Baitulmaal) is responding to the Tornado that swept through North Texas over the weekend. Twisters accompanied by [...]

Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Baitulmaal joined in lending a helping hand in the aftermath of Oklahoma Tornado that left massive distructions [...]