Tornado Kills Dozens in 6 States

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Tornado Kills Dozens in 6 States

Millions of Americans under threat of severe weather conditions.  Dozens of deaths have been reported in six states due to the severe Tornado that hit the midwest, and the death toll is increasing. According to CCN, people across the region huddled in hallways and basements Monday as a string of tornadoes ripped through their states lifting homes, flipping cars and trucks over on highways, and bending light and telephone poles. The United States has the highest number of Tornado occurences in the world with an average of 1,000 tornadoes reported every year.  What is Baitulmaal Doing? In response to the current situationBaitulmaal staff and recruited volunteers will be traveling to the states hit hard by the Tornado to help and assist the affected residents. To Volunteer, call 972-257-2564

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