Micro-Financing Sustainable Development

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From Crisis to Opportunity: Empowering Families, Instilling Hope, and Restoring Dignity.

Poverty is pervasive in many parts of the world, and is on the rise in developing countries, which is worsening the access of the poor to economic opportunities. In the countries Baitulmaal AHED focuses on, such as Pakistan, Palestine, and Kenya, opportunities to enhance one’s income are very limited, hence making it difficult to come out of the poverty cycle.  

The potential to provide underprivileged families with economic opportunities depends entirely on their access to financial resources.  Through Baitulmaal’s Micro-financing program, our goal is to provide the destitute and disadvantaged families the opportunity to become self-sufficient, helping them prevent their coming generations from being stuck in the same cycle of poverty.

Micro-financing is an effective and powerful instrument for poverty reduction among people who are active and skilled, but financially constrained and vulnerable in various countries. Over the years, Baitulmaal implemented over sixty Micro-Finance projects, and the success of these projects was evidence showing the significant role this program plays in improving the lives of the deprived communities.

“We believe that micro-financing is a sustainable means of poverty alleviation, where families can support themselves, and transform their communities, says Suleiman Alghanem – Executive Director”

How does it Work?

Baitulmaal AHED offers loans to individuals with certain skills by establishing small businesses for them, such as grocery stores, barber shops, farmers markets, poultry farms, plumbing & hardware, and more. We don’t directly offer them the funds; instead we assist in establishing the business for them, purchase their supplies, and support and guide them throughout the entire process. After completion of the project, our on ground team monitors and evaluates the success of the business over the period of one year.

What’s outstanding is that these individuals pay the loans back to Baitulmaal by making monthly payments of $30.   By paying back the loan, they are helping other families too.

These small businesses cost anywhere between $2,500 and $5,500 to establish and sustain for 3 months.