Orphan Sponsorship

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Sponsorship changes a life, the future of a family, even an entire community! It is the most effective way to change and impact a child’s world.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in paradise together like this,” reports Al-Bukhari.

Baitulmaal  believes that youth are key to ending the cycle of despair. Through the Orphan Sponsorship Program, Baitulmaal provides children with the opportunity and means to become secure in their futures, and gives them the power to lift their own communities. In return, the Orphan Sponsorship Program of Baitulmaal offers sponsors the opportunity to help change the world, one child, or a family. Sponsors remain connected with the orphans through letters and pictures.

Baitulmaal strives to help children around the world overcome the burdens of poverty, and become healthy, as well as becoming educated members of society. 100% of your monthly sponsorship gift of $50 will transform an orphan’s life. Sponsorship will provide a child with food, clothing, medical and dental assistance, hygiene, education and hope!

Sponsor An Orphan, Make a Difference