Ramadan Projects

Ramadan Projects

Nearly 3.5 million Americans on the island of Puerto Rico face a harsh and unmerciful reality after Hurricane Maria has caused massive destruction and havoc across the island.

The situation on the island has reached its climax. It is reported that 90 % of Puerto Ricans have no power, no fuel, no food, and not enough clean water to drink, let alone wash. People are using water from streams to drink and they are struggling to survive by portioning the very little food they have.

It is also reported that hospitals are unable to provide care. They are running out of fuel and medical supplies. The island is amidst a humanitarian crisis crying for urgent aid and relief. Your contribution will make a difference


What Baitulmaal is doing to help out the situation in Puerto Rico

As was the case with Hurricane Harvey, Baitulmaal is standing ready to help out with the situation in Puerto Rico. Baitulmaal has joined the relief efforts alongside other organizations to assist the Puerto Ricans.

Baitulmaal has arranged the shipment of truckloads of humanitarian aid and medical supplies to be transported to the region. Please consider making a donation towards this humanitarian cause.

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