Quran In Braille

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Since 2005, one of Baitulmaal’s most active projects has been to print and distribute the Quran in Braille for the blind (6 volume sets) at no cost.

On behalf of our donors, Baitulmaal works with the Jordan Quran Conservative Society by sponsoring the printing and distribution of hundreds of Quran in Braille sets every year. In 2013, Baitulmaal launched the “Arabic Brailled Literacy Campaign and Service for Blind,” to raise awareness and support the blind.  The cost of printing one complete set of Quran in Braille is $200.00

Facts about Braille paper:  the Braille paper is shipped all over the world in a specially designed crushproof box.  It is a double wall box that additionally has another cardboard liner inserted in the box.  This protects the Braille paper while it is in transit to users.

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