Poverty & Hunger

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Living in America, it is sometimes hard to understand what poverty and hunger really consist of.  With the abundance of food around us, it is hard to really appreciate what our brothers and sisters in humanity are going through in many parts of the world. Imagine for a moment the pains of hunger you feel when you fast or even just skip a couple of meals.

Now multiply that by days, weeks, months. What if you had no food or water to feed your hungry children? This is the heartbreaking reality of the many who are suffering. Please take the time to digest the information below and help us give support where needed.

 Baitulmaal’s Work

We continously strive to rach out to those most in need of help. Baitulmaal provides assistance in the form of food supplies, water, hygiene kits, clothing, mattresses, shelter, and medical supplies.  At Baitulmaal, we are committed to doing whatever we can do to support people in their time of need.

“War, natural disasters, and diseases capture news headlines short-term, Baitulmaal on the other hand works hard for the relief and recovery of victimts long-term.”  Suleiman Alghanem, Executive Director

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