Hurricane Harvey Emergency Relief

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Project Description

Hurricane Harvey is one of the strongest storms to hit the nation. With the winds of 130 mph, this devastating Hurricane made landfall in South Texas carving a path of massive destruction through the state and causing massive power outages. Thousands of people take refuge at shelters and are in desperate need of help.

Baitulmaal emergency relief team is joining the on going disaster relief efforts to deliver aid to those who need it in the affected areas. Baitulmaal’s team and its volunteers are delivering assistance to the Texans who were hard hit by this unprecedented disaster.

Baitulmaal is forming a coalition with United Muslim Relief , PureHands and Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA), to help  alleviate the pain this hurricane has inflected on Texans.

Please consider joining this humanitarian endeavor by donating and inviting others from your community to do so.

Baitulmaal’s Disaster Response

  • Baitulmaal joined the formation of a coalition of relief organizations UMR, IMANA, and Pure Hands in cooperation of ISGH to maximize the impact of the relief operation.
  • Baitulmaal has delivered the first load of emergency aids and supplies to an ISGH shelter in a multi-purpose hall in a Masjid (Mosque)
  • Baitulmaal also arranged the delivery of a truck load of Hygiene items, cleaning supplies from OH.
  • Baitulmaal staff and volunteers will be heading to Houston to join other organizations in assisting the evacuees and helping in the cleaning.
A 100% of donations made toward Hurricane Harvey Emergency Relief will be funneled towards helping the evacuees and families affected by the hurricane and providing them with the daily life supplies they need in these hard times. Any remaining funds will be reserved for future disaster relief and or will be granted to other charitable organizations helping in the emergency disaster relief.
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