Myanmar, Burma Humanitarian Crisis

Myanmar, Burma Humanitarian Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims, or Rohingya, are fleeing Burma by boat. The long-persecuted minority population of at least 1.3 million is being driven off ancestral lands and confined to camps in half a dozen countries without medical care, education, the right to work or other basic human rights. Once thought to number more than 3 million, this abused and persecuted Muslim minority has in the last year been excluded from the national census and disenfranchised from voting. To even say “Rohingya” in their home country provokes angry denunciation or even violence. source TIM

Also known as Myanmar, Burma is the poorest nation in South Asia, located between Bangladesh, India and China, the Rohingya are “the Worlds’ Most Persecuted Minority,” according to U.N. Secretary-General.

This stateless Muslim people may constitute up to 7% of the total Burmese population of nearly 60 million, but their numbers are not exactly known because the government has refused to include them on the national census.

Ongoing conflicts in multiple states of Burma have resulted in increased internal displacement and humanitarian needs in recent years.

Baitulmaal AHED has joined the international relief agencies to provide basic needs to the displaced Rohingya people, Baitulmaal have been able to deliver food supplies, winter clothes, and Qurbani meat during the Udhyiah season.

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