Hunger Threatens Millions as Drought Hits East Africa Again

Hunger Threatens Millions as Drought Hits East Africa Again

Baitulmaal is supporting around 10,000 people affected by the devastating drought crisis in Somalia and Kenya brought in by the El Niño climate phenomenon. The seasonal warming over the Pacific Ocean has caused a serious drought across Easter Africa.

This is a call for urgent action as lack of water, failed harvests, stunted crops and soaring prices trigger widespread food shortages in Somalia and Kenya. In addition to the number of water wells Baitulmaal constructs every year, we are providing larger supplies of water through water truck deliveries. The supply of water helps communities in remote areas keep their livestock healthy and alive. With water available, children and women don’t have to spend their days walking for hours to find a source.

Distributing Water in Somalia to help people affected by the current famine

Your support will allow Baitulmaal AHED to carry out lifesaving efforts for children and women throughout Kenya and Somali.

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