Gaza Medical Ambulances Updates

Gaza Medical Ambulances Updates

Jazakum Allah Khair for your donations to Baitulmaal for the needy in Gaza.  Alhamdulillah, through the grace of Allah (swt) and your donations, Baitulmaal has purchased and received the two ambulances with the medical equipment,  which have been received by one of Gaza’s hospitals. InshaAllah these will go a long way in the treatment and care of our sick and injured brothers and sisters in Palestine, Gaza Strip.

We are still collecting donations for more medical equipment, and are in the process of trying to secure a food and daily living supplies to ship for the needy. Baitulmaal still needs your support in this project. Seeing the results of your generosity has only made us more thirsty to help those who are in need. The more you donate, the more we will be able to visualiize our dream and our mission, to help those who are living in poverty and ruin, to help those who have no way to help themselves.

After Allah (swt) they count on the people such as you and I to come to their rescue. That one person who made it to the hospital, made it there partly due to your donation which helped to make it possible. What nicer feeling is there to know that you have helped to save a life. But saving a life is not only in an emergency situation. Saving a life can be saving the emotional being as well. We need to let them know there is someone they can count on, someone who knows they are there. Let them sleep a little more content tonight knowing Baitulmaal has not forgotten them, that we will be there to help them, and let them find comfort in those words. Baitulmaal is you, our donors. The more we collect for our brothers and sisters, the more we will be able to send. Be the one to make that difference.


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