Furqan Integrated Secondary School, Kenya

Furqan Integrated Secondary School, Kenya

An institution visioned at producing excellent citizens in the community and society at large.  It was founded in 2014 to meet the demand for continuing secondary education for children who lacked the means to go to school. It is also an extended branch of the Wajir Orphanage sponsored by Baitulmaal.

The school construction was sponsored by Baitulmaal and another partner organization. The school provides both secular and Islamic Education (Madarasa) simultaneously so as to enable the children attain clearly defined standards of practice and behaviors which helps them with the right attitude to work and above all the capacity to learn and continue learning so as to excel in a variety of fields.

Number of students per class

S/No Class Boys Girls
1 Form one (1) 24 35
2 Form two (2) 15 13
3 Form three (3) 7 14
   TOTAL 46 62


A modern laboratory with complete gas, water and drainage systems was constructed for the school by the County Government of Wajir. It is spacious and can accommodate at-least 50 students per session. The floors are well finished with floor tiles, non-slippery and student friendly. It is fitted with over head fans and ceiling boards.

It has modern chimney fitted to a fan that is meant to eliminate or expose off any hazardous gas into the atmosphere.

  1. Immediate requirements

Stocking of the laboratory with equipment and chemicals


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