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Gaza – Moving Beyond Food Baskets

This has been a year of extraordinary changes at Baitulmaal. Much more than just a new logo, but entirely new faces at HQ and many new field partners. Both made up mostly of young passionate people, who in turn have brought in fresh ideas [...]

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Ramadan Projects

Nearly 3.5 million Americans on the island of Puerto Rico face a harsh and unmerciful reality after Hurricane Maria has caused massive destruction and havoc across the island. The situation on the island has reached its climax. It is reported that 90 % of Puerto Ricans have no power, [...]

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Myanmar Crisis (Update)

https://www.facebook.com/baitulmaal/videos/1478658315560816/     As the crisis intensifies in Myanmar, hundreds of thousands of minority Rohingya Muslims are fleeing the systemic violence towards neighboring Bangladesh to seek refuge.   According to recent reports from the grounds, 12000 households, roughly 123000 people, are in urgent need of food, medical care, and shelter. [...]

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Myanmar Crisis

Thousands of Rohingya flee violence in Myanmar. Whole villages were destroyed.  According to estimates by the UN, more than 170,000 Rohingya Muslims have been displaced. It has been reported that more than 160000 people are facing food insecurity and are in dire need of immediate food assistance, medication, and shelter. Baitulmaal, in collaboration with [...]

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Myanmar, Burma Humanitarian Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims, or Rohingya, are fleeing Burma by boat. The long-persecuted minority population of at least 1.3 million is being driven off ancestral lands and confined to camps in half a dozen countries without medical care, education, the right to work or other basic human rights. Once thought to number more than [...]

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Baitulmaal – Humanitarian aid in Syria

According to UNICEF, more than 3.7 million Syrian children under the age of five know nothing but displacement and uncertainty. As the situation continues to deteriorate; millions are now in desperate need of humanitarian aid in Syria and neighboring countries. In the midst of the situation, Baitulmaal continues to make and distribute bread among needy [...]

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Emergency Appeal for Gaza

Emergency Appeal for Gaza The humanitarian situation in Gaza strip, Palestine continues to be at a record low as thousands lack basic items as well as adequate food and clean water to keep them healthy. Baitulmaal has been assisting the people of Gaza before and after the war crisis, helping and assisting the people of Gaza has gone [...]

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Nepal Earthquake Appeal

As aid organizations worldwide have mobilized to help, Baitulmaal joined other partner organizations, launched and implemented a rapid response plan to ensure food, water, shelter, and medical aid reaches those affected. Today, Baitulmaal aid teams and partners are on the ground, assessing further the needs of the survivors, as they continue to provide emergency [...]

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