Winter Relief 2017

Donate! The harsh winter weather conditions bring misery to Syrian and Palestinian Refugees and claiming lives of children Millions of refugees in Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon face cold and harsh weather conditions in winter. Many children die due to their inability to endure freezing [...]

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Water Supply for Gaza

By providing clean water and hygiene we are saving countless lives! Baitulmaal installed 10 new water tanks around different areas in Gaza. These tanks are suitable for bulk water distribution for larger families. Benefiting over 50 people a week, each of these tanks is refilled on weekly basis. With your support, Baitulmaal focuses on ensuring [...]

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Feeding Gaza Graveyard Families

Today, on this blessed Jumaa, our Gaza team visited the 26 families living in Sheikh Shaa’ban old cemetery in Gaza, assessed their situation and provided them with hot meals, drinks and food packages. Baitulmaal is working on getting these families out of the graveyards and provide them with homes and opportunities to be self-reliant. To [...]

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Emergency Appeal for Gaza

Emergency Appeal for Gaza The humanitarian situation in Gaza strip, Palestine continues to be at a record low as thousands lack basic items as well as adequate food and clean water to keep them healthy. Baitulmaal has been assisting the people of Gaza before and after the war crisis, helping and assisting the people of Gaza has gone [...]

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Ramadan Meals Distrubution at Al Aqsa

Ramadan Meals Distribution at Al Alaqsa. For the last 3 years, Baitulmaal team and volunteers have been distributing hot Iftar meals among the people fasting during the month of Ramadan. During Ramadan 1437/ 2016 17000+ hot meals distributed on behalf of donors and contributors. This Ramadan 1438, Baitulmaal's goal is to distribute 20000 meals, but [...]

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Adoption of Orphans Daycare in Gaza

Baitulmaal adopted an already established orphans daycare center in the Nusairat area, Gaza Strip.  The center will serve orphans and other children from the poorest families, in addition to providing counseling workshops for women, mainly widows. The main objectives of this project is to help promote education and development for the children of Gaza. [...]

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West Bank New Medical Center

The Palestinian refugees in the camps of Nablus are urging Baitulmaal to expand its Outpatient Charity Medical Center sooner rather than later.  Having a medical clinic in a neighborhood or city might not seem like a big deal to us, but it is huge responsibility when one small clinic serves over 50,000 people. Baitulmaal established [...]

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Gaza Medical Ambulances Updates

Jazakum Allah Khair for your donations to Baitulmaal for the needy in Gaza.  Alhamdulillah, through the grace of Allah (swt) and your donations, Baitulmaal has purchased and received the two ambulances with the medical equipment,  which have been received by one of Gaza’s hospitals. InshaAllah these will go a long way in the treatment and [...]

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