School Supplies Distribution in Pakistan

Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. Education reduces poverty, empowers women, helps prevent disease, and opens new horizons and opportunities. Hence, Baitulmaal believes everyone deserves access to quality education. The latter is at the core of the programs that Baitulmaal is constantly striving to cater to around [...]

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Water scarcity in Pakistan

In Pakistan where water scarcity exists, it’s not because of a physical lack of water, but because people do not have the means to access water that is directly beneath them. Still recovering from the heat wave that claimed the lives of over 1,000 people in June 2015 and the flooding earlier this month [...]

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Hundreds Enjoy Warm Iftar Meals Everyday in Pakistan

On behalf of our donors, our local team in Pakistan is providing warm iftar meals to hundreds of individuals daily. Children and adults enjoying the blessing of Ramadan. On behalf of all the beneficiaries, we thank all our donors for their continued generosity. Please help us provide warm iftar meals to the needy till [...]

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Education: The Best Way Out of Poverty

Education has always been the way out of poverty and key to success. By providing education we are leveraging opportunity.  Baitulmaal continues to support education through our primary schools in Pakistan. We support our students learning, their health and encourage them to do their best to become pioneers in the future. Support education for [...]

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Qurbani 2016 in Action

Two months ago, we launched our Udhiya/Qurbani 2016 Campaign to fulfill our obligation as Muslims and to help feed thousands of families in need in countries hit hard by war and famine, like Syria, Yemen and Somalia. Our donors’ response was astounding! We continued to receive donations even on the third day of Eid [...]

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Adequate Health Care for Pakistan

The healthcare system in Pakistan is tainted with numerous problems due to which many lose their lives that could’ve been saved with adequate healthcare services. The Neurosurgery Department at the Civil hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, serves over 1,200 patients a week. The surgeries provided by the hospital are very critical and lifesaving to many. [...]

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Water Wells for Sujawal District, Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most populous countries in the world. With increased urbanization and instability, over 16 million lack access to safe clean water and adequate sanitation. Access to safe water is extremely difficult for many communities due to the geography of the country, ranging from dry deserts to remote mountainous regions. Since the [...]

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Donate a Water Well as Sadaqa Jariya

Baitulmaal Build a Water Well project aims to provide impoverished families with access to safe clean drinking water in Pakistan, Somalia and Kenya. A well construction can be donated as Sadaqa Jariya (ongoing charity) on the donors’ behalf or on behalf of others including deceased family members or friends. In Pakistan, the cost of constructing [...]

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