School Supplies Distribution in Pakistan

Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. Education reduces poverty, empowers women, helps prevent disease, and opens new horizons and opportunities. Hence, Baitulmaal believes everyone deserves access to quality education. The latter is at the core of the programs that Baitulmaal is constantly striving to cater to around [...]

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Winter Relief 2017

Donate! The harsh winter weather conditions bring misery to Syrian and Palestinian Refugees and claiming lives of children Millions of refugees in Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon face cold and harsh weather conditions in winter. Many children die due to their inability to endure freezing [...]

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“Day of Dignity” – South Dallas Muslim Communities (DFW) "Day of Dignity" an annual day arranged by the Muslim Community of South Dallas for the Muslim Communities of DFW to come together to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to the needy people in Dallas, TX. Thank you Muslim Community of South Dallas "Masjid Al-Islam" for [...]

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Myanmar Crisis (Update)     As the crisis intensifies in Myanmar, hundreds of thousands of minority Rohingya Muslims are fleeing the systemic violence towards neighboring Bangladesh to seek refuge.   According to recent reports from the grounds, 12000 households, roughly 123000 people, are in urgent need of food, medical care, and shelter. [...]

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Water Supply for Gaza

By providing clean water and hygiene we are saving countless lives! Baitulmaal installed 10 new water tanks around different areas in Gaza. These tanks are suitable for bulk water distribution for larger families. Benefiting over 50 people a week, each of these tanks is refilled on weekly basis. With your support, Baitulmaal focuses on ensuring [...]

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Feeding Gaza Graveyard Families

Today, on this blessed Jumaa, our Gaza team visited the 26 families living in Sheikh Shaa’ban old cemetery in Gaza, assessed their situation and provided them with hot meals, drinks and food packages. Baitulmaal is working on getting these families out of the graveyards and provide them with homes and opportunities to be self-reliant. To [...]

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Help Syrian Refugees

Thousands of the Syrian refugees crossed the border into Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan and reached safe shelters seeking protection. According to their local relief agencies, there are more than 13,500 Syrian refugees in Lebanon alone, about 8,000 in Jordan, and approximately 7,600 in Turkey. Only about 14,338 of them are actually registered so they total [...]

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Director Visits Syrian Refugees

Published 5.11.2012 Director visiting refugee school children in Mafraq Suleiman Alghanem, Executive Director for Baitulmaal, is on a Middle East tour stopping in Jordan to meet with the Syrian Refugees in Mafraq. “It is barely real until you come and see for yourself” he said. Speaking to the victims and refugees directly helped to put [...]

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Food Packages for the Syrian Refugees

  Published 01/24/2014  Syrian refugees lack enough food and water to survive.  The number of refugees is increasing daily. Humanitarian aid available is insufficient to feed everyone.  What is Baitulmaal Doing? We at Baitulmaal are committed to save lives and alleviate the suffering of our brothers, sisters and children of Syria.  With the blessings of Allah [...]

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