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Board of Directors

Ugas Jillaow

Chairman, BIO coming soon

Dr. Iqbal Hussein

Vice Chairman: BIO coming soon

Ashley Robinson

Board Member: Ashley (Ash) Robinson holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and President at Globus Relief. This role involves a number of significant Executive level responsibili-ties including providing vision, leadership and motivation to the Organization’s Board, employees and donors. Mr. Robinson works directly with the Directors within the or-ganization to plan and outline strategic direction, initiatives, goals and measurable out-comes on the social impact Globus Relief has in addressing supply chain needs in com-munities around the world. In addition he has direct experience with developing plans to manage and coordinate Organization resources with regards to the mission of the or-ganization while meeting all of the fiduciary responsibilities with regards to sound fi-nancial practices such as preparing Organization budgets and all required state and fed-eral reporting.

Mr. Robinson has over 26 years of leadership and direct executive level management experience in the nonprofit sector and with both domestic and international charitable foundations. He also serves as an advisor to a number of NGO’s and foundations and has served as a board member on several nonprofit boards and foundations and Univer-sities. He has also provides consulting services for a number of for profit businesses, locally and internationally. Mr. Robinson is a partner at Wirthlin Dentons (which is the 4th largest law firm in the world) where he serves as a business consultant and facili-tates mergers and acquisitions and is also a partner at Merchant International which fa-cilitates mandates on behalf of state owned enterprises (SOE) in International markets.

Dr. Imran Masoud, Board member

Dr. Masud Imran is currently the Director of the Ambulatory Surgery Division in the Department of Anesthesiology, for the Fairlane Medical Center of Henry Ford Health System. First and foremost, he has always been and will be a clinician; however, operations and administration is his other passion. He is also involved in teaching residents and medical students.
He is very very active in management and clinical operations. have implemented evidence based, standardized operational protocols across all sites, which are consistent with the department and system philosophy. He has over 25 years’ experience in leading Ambulatory Surgery Centers for a major healthcare system in the Midwest. His passion has been to develop state of the art surgery centers with a very nimble and responsive culture, and an operational setup and infrastructure that lead to a positive working environment for physicians and staff. This also allows for enhanced quality of care, patient satisfaction, and operational efficiencies. All this is a multimillion dollar operation. Of course, this requires a huge team effort and administrative support, as well as senior clinical and management leadership that espouse the same goals.
In addition to board certification in Anesthesiology, he is a board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology (which gives him the surgeon’s perspective) and have a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration (management’s perspective). He has LEAN certification from University of Michigan and whole heartedly believe in those principles. He is very comfortable working with his seniors in a matrix reporting structure.
On a personal level, he has been involved with the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit for almost four decades. This included fundraising for the institution. He is also a supporter of other National Islamic Organizations like ISNA and Muslim Legal Fund. He has contribute to charities in India and Pakistan like the Indian Muslim Relief and Charities.

Abdel Aziz Ghedi

Teasurer: Bio coming soon

AbdelKhabeer Abdul Rafeh

Member: BIO coming soon

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