Baitulmaal Food Aid Recipients in East Africa – Ramadan 2012

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Baitulmaal Food Aid Recipients in East Africa – Ramadan 2012

Take a moment to consider the man in this picture. Is he angry, frustrated, tired or hungry? The answer is probably all of the above. Often when we are so removed from the problems that plague the people that we seek to help, that we forget they are real people with real emotions and needs. This man lives in the famine, poverty and drought stricken region of Wajir, Kenya in East Africa. He has a family and a It is so easy for us to distance and insulate ourselves from their pain because they are so far away in a land and a culture that belong to “someone else”.

As those of us who are Muslim prepare to bid farewell to another beautiful and blessed Ramadan, the team at Baitulmaal would like to plea on behalf of these very real people that we aim to serve. Not only do we implore you to contribute to their projects but we also ask that you remember these beautiful suffering souls in your prayers and actions all year long. It is only with the help of Allah and you the donor, that we have a hope of making a difference in their lives. Please consider supporting one of these worthy projects today!

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