Aleppo Refugee Crisis

Aleppo Refugee Crisis

As vulnerable civilians continue to flee the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo, Baitulmaal is working to reach displaced families with the supplies they need to survive the long grueling journey to safety, loss, hunger, fatigue and the brutal winter.

Many of the thousands of men, women and children who have fled the fighting are now sheltering in southern Idleb, where aid sent on behalf of our generous donors reaches safely. The conflict has prevented humanitarian aid from reaching Aleppo for months. Aleppo refugees have suffered weeks of bombardment, food shortages and lack of medical care and fuel for staying warm.

Our response can never be enough. We are joining the efforts of international humanitarian aid organizations and we are scaling up our humanitarian response to meet the needs of Syrian refugees, especially the newly displaced Aleppo families. We are distributing food packages, bread, water and winter kits. With the winter weather getting colder, it is now vital to keep these families warm and dry.

You can make a difference! You can provide hope for families seeking safety, food and shelter. Support Aleppo refugees who are struggling to overcome their burdens.


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