Skill Development: Vocational Training for Women 2017-02-06T14:22:58+00:00

Skill Development: Vocational Training for Women

While many students in the U.S.A. and around the world worry study and sit for this semester’s final exams, a very special group of women are doing the same in a small village in Pakistan. The Ranta Village in the Sindh region of Pakistan is home to a community of families whose homes and livelihoods were devastated after the 2010 floods. After the floods destroyed their school, homes and livestock, Baitulmaal responded by providing not only emergency disaster relief, but by implementing sustainable projects to provided full restoration to their lives.

One of the ways in which we have done that is by opening a vocational training center for women that teaches them a valuable trade to use as a means by which to help provide for their family.

The program teaches sewing to nearly 30 women who are a part of the inaugural program in each semester in the facility provided by Baitulmaal.  With the popularity and success of this program, Baitulmaal provided more sewing stations and classrooms to accommodate the needs of the students.

Baitulmaal hopes to add other trades to the list of classes in the near future.  We hope to continue to provide women around the world with more opportunities to improve their circumstances, and become self-sufficient.

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