The crisis in Syria has taken its toll on innocent children, men, and women suffering from the devastation within their own country, escaping the violence to neighboring countries leaving everything behind, and struggling to survive.

It is a time of unparalleled desperate need. All

The long lasting conflict in Syria has resulted in over 9 million Syrians becoming refugees, taking shelter and trying to start a new life in neighboring countries. Those who have been affected by this the most are children, as well as new mothers with newborn babies, people with disabilities, and the elderly. After fleeing to their neighboring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, Syrian refugees have found a place to stay, but they are still trying to figure out how to survive and have a place that they can call home.

Monthly Flour Shipment Inside Syria-Since 2012, one major project that Baitulmaal has been sponsoring to aid the Syrians is sending a shipment of 25 tons of flour into Syria every single month. From that flour, 800 hundred families are fed bread daily that’s made at a local bakery and distributed by our team on the ground.  As of today, 900 tons of flour were delivered inside Syria, and over 4 million people have benefited from our bread distribution inside Syria. The total cost of one flour shipment is $14,000 (includes transportation, baking, and distribution).

In 2014, we have reached thousands of refugees in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon providing disaster relief supplies, such as food packages, blankets, stoves, cooking gas, hygiene supplies, milk for infants, and more. During Ramadan, we distributed food packages to thousands of families.  We celebrate Eid with these families by taking them out shopping for Eid clothes.  Also, during Udhiyah, we distribute meat among thousands of families.  Moreover, we continue to provide humanitarian aid through our Family Sponsorship Program, dental clinic, and medical services provided.


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