Two months ago, we launched our Udhiya/Qurbani 2016 Campaign to fulfill our obligation as Muslims and to help feed thousands of families in need in countries hit hard by war and famine, like Syria, Yemen and Somalia.
Our donors’ response was astounding! We continued to receive donations even on the third day of Eid online, on the phone and in person. Only your support made this possible! We distributed Qurbani meat to needy families in 13 countries (Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Myanmar, Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and here locally in the USA).
On your behalf, we delivered the meat shares and it is your generosity that benefited over 70,000 of the neediest people, mainly orphans, widows, elderly and disabled – whom having meat for dinner is a luxury the rest of the year!

On behalf of the beneficiaries, thank you!