The healthcare system in Pakistan is tainted with numerous problems due to which many lose their lives that could’ve been saved with adequate healthcare services.

The Neurosurgery Department at the Civil hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, serves over 1,200 patients a week. The surgeries provided by the hospital are very critical and lifesaving to many. However, the operating theater and the patient ward are in appalling condition and in desperate need of improvement. The department requires a new C-Arm machine, which is essential to performing spinal cord surgeries. It also requires major renovation to make it better suitable for patient treatment.  Additionally, the facility requires constant funding for cleaning supplies to ensure the sterility and sanitation of the facility.

The rate of poverty is increasing in Pakistan, and so is the population living below the line of poverty. Today, very few can afford receiving sufficient healthcare in private hospitals. In response to the increasing demand of patients requiring immediate health care, Baitulmaal launched a campaign in an effort to raise funds to purchase the required equipment and provide supplies to maintain the sterility of the hospital.

  • C-Arm machine – $11,500
  • Repainting the entire facility – $2,000
  • Repair restrooms and replace doors – $850
  • Plumbing work – $500
  • Installing vinyl floors in operating rooms – $1,000
  • Installing three air conditions and fans – $1,500
  • Fumigating the facility – $300

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