Our Team

Suleiman Alghanem

Executive Director

Suleiman originated from Jordan but has lived in the US for the past 30 years. He is happily married and a proud father of four children. Suleiman is a valued member of the Dallas-Fort Worth community and is an active and respected member of the Muslim community as well. He is both in the office and out in the field constantly making sure that the day to day operations are running smoothly, building relationships in the community and striving diligently to make Baitulmaal the best that it can be.

Dr. Mohammad Hassan

Outreach & Resource Development

Dr. Mohammed Hassan is the director of Baitulmaal’s for outreach and development. He is a professor at Al-Huda University in Houston, Texas.
Dr. Mohammed holds several degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Cairo University in Egypt; a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Southwest University in Los Angeles, California; a Master’s degree in Fundamentals of Religion from the American Open University; and a Ph.D in Islamic and religious studies from the Graduate Theological Foundation.
Dr. Hassan is a researcher and the author of Quranic Interpretation “Thoughts and History”. He is a frequent lecturer for various local and national Islamic organizations. As a chaplain, he has been a core member of the community serving in prison Dawah for the last seven years in county, state, and Federal prisons.
He has been an active participant in Islamic philanthropy for the past 15 years in the United States, participating and attending in numerous conferences and seminars both domestically and nationally.
Dr. Hassan served as a board member for many Islamic organizations, and currently he is on the executive board of North America Imams Federation (NAIF) and VP of Dallas MAS Chapter.

Sara Achkantana

Program Manager

Sara was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, and moved to Texas in the summer of 2007. Sara holds a Bachelor degree in Banking, Finance and E-commerce, and a Master’s degree in Electronic Commerce from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. She is a trained project management professional with a total of eight years’ experience. Sara’s childhood dream was to work with humanitarian relief organizations, and finally the dream has come true by joining the Baitulmaal team. Her mission is to contribute her skills to benefit those in need around the world. Sara has been happily married for eight years with twin daughters.

Khalid Molai

Office Manager

Khalid holds a Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Karachi. Khalid is an active member in the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Khalid has worked as an accountant with Islamic organizations since 1995. He joined Baitulmaal to continue his mission to help the Islamic community around the world. Khalid is happily married and a proud father of three children.

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