Twenty six families have made an old graveyard their home as Gaza’s economic state continues to worsen.

 Jaber Khail, his wife who is pregnant with twins and his eight children live on an old graveyard 20’ x 10’ quarter with walls, but without a roof, a bathroom, kitchen, running water or electricity. Jaber and his family own nothing but a few old mattresses, old blankets and some old clothing.

Their living condition is as Jaber said “we are alive but dead”. The cemetery is inhabited by snakes, scorpions, dogs and cats and smells like animal feces. Jaber’s mother dies of a snake bite on the 16th day of Ramadan. Jaber did not have 3 shekel (less than one dollar) to get her treated at Alshifa hospital!

“How can you live like this? How can you risk your children’s lives?” asked Aljazeera reporter. Jaber responded “what can I do!” Jaber and his brother leave every morning to Albawaba in hope for someone to pick them for a job. If they weren’t lucky, then they look for plastic bottles in the piles of trash and sell it for 4-5 shekels a day. To feed their children, they buy old tomatoes and potatoes with that money.

Oh Gaza! Our hearts go out to these families.

Gaza has been afflicted by war and deprivation for so long. Years of ongoing blockade, restrictions on trading have left 70 percent of young people unemployed. Then it was the crisis of 2014, the worst in decades where more than 100,000 people have had their homes destroyed. Hospitals, schools and shops were horribly damaged and thousands lost everything they own.  Nonetheless, Gaza’s only power plant was also destroyed leaving more than a quarter of the population with no access to running water. And the water available has been declared unsafe for human consumption by the UN.

Baitulmaal is committed to continuing its relief efforts for the people of Gaza.

We are appealing our viewers to support these 26 families. Baitulmaal will rent apartments for the families; provide them with food, clothing and hygiene items.  Please help us fulfil these family’s needs and get them out of the graveyards.

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