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We Continue to Aid Gaza

The intense bombardment now stopped!  However, the increasing number of deaths recorded, and the high number of injured, the situation in Gaza has become intolerable! In the last 45 days, Baitulmaal USA delivered over $200,000 in humanitarian aid to the civilians seeking refuge in schools and shelters. read more..

Gaza – A Long Path To Recovery

Hajja Fatima, a 69 year old woman seeking refuge in a UNRWA shelter in Gaza was eager to express her gratitude to the people who provided her and the entire shelter refugees with emergency relief supplies during the second week of the conflict in Gaza. Fatima called at our representative in Gaza, Br. read more..

Monthly Flour Shipment Inside Syria

Even bread is scarce! The Syrian humanitarian disaster looms as the internal refugees face shortages of bread. What are we doing? With the support of Baitulmaal donors, we send a shipment of 25 tons of flour inside Syria every month.  The flour is then used to make bread, and the bread is then read more..

Syrian Family Sponsorship

Baitulmaal Family Sponsorship program pairs up a Syrian family residing in Jordan (mainly widows and children) with a donor from the United States, or other countries.  The donor commits to making monthly payments to provide these families with basic living needs such as food, water, rent, utilities, read more..

Water Crisis in Gaza Strip

Published 01/24/2014 A humanitarian catastrophe emerges as the Gaza territory's only aquifier fails.  The Gaza Strip is heading towards a water crisis that will make it unliveable in just a few years. The territory's only aquifier is contaminated with chemicals and sea water.  Baitulmaal's read more..

Medical Supplies to West Bank

Needy families and individuals from four refugee camps in Nablus province, Palestine receive their free medical services and free medication from Yazoor charity organization's clinic which was established and have been sponsored by the donors of Baitulmaal.  In November 2011 and on behalf of the read more..

Help Syrian Children

Published 01/24/2014  The children of Syria are orphaned, displaced, injured and killed.  As the conflict in Syria approaches the end of it's third year, at least 4 million children are witnessing their past and futures disappear due to the conflict. In response to the current situation, with read more..

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