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Ebola Crisis: Help Us Spread Awareness

Baitulmaal’s Executive Director, Suleiman Alghanem was invited to the Crisis Round Table Discussion at InterAction in Washington, D.C. for a discussion on the virus that has left people in all parts of the world worried about an epidemic plague. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to effectively read more..

Winter Aid Kits to Those in Need #GiftofWinter2014

While we are gaining excitement about hot chocolate, pumpkin spice, and boots, some people in the world are dreading the arrival of winter. Winters become harsh when you don't have the proper kind of clothing to protect yourself from the brutal wind and snow.There are countless families in numerous read more..

Painful Reality for a Palestinian Family

During the visitation to the home of Mesleh Zo’rob in Khan Younis City 2015 On January 14, 2015 we visited the home of Mesleh Zo’rob, 45, in Khan Younis City, Palestine. He is the father of 5 children who all live in a, 753 sq. ft., home that consists of a bedroom, living room, bathroom & kitchen read more..

A Family in Need of a New Home

During the visitation to Naser Shurrab’s home in Khan Younis City 2015 In the poverty stricken Palestine, our attention was brought to Naser Shurrab’s, 45, and his family’s 1291 sq. ft. shell of a home. He was born a mute and is the father of 7 children who lack the basic needs for a good life. What read more..

Toy Drive 2015 Children of Palestine & Syria

All children all over the world love a new toy. This upcoming Eid ul-Fitr 2015 help Baitulmaal bring smiles to the children of war-torn Palestine & Syria by simply donating a BRAND NEW TOY. These children have lost everything. These are the years of their lives where their imaginations should run read more..

West Darfur, Sudan Primary Healthcare Center

Conflict in Western Darfur, Sudan has increased the number of people streaming into refugee camps. There are approximately 1,873,300 Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Sudan, a significant number of them in Darfur, where there is limited access to health care. The demand for primary health care has read more..

We Continue to Aid Gaza

The intense bombardment now stopped!  However, the increasing number of deaths recorded, and the high number of injured, the situation in Gaza has become intolerable! In the last 45 days, Baitulmaal USA delivered over $200,000 in humanitarian aid to the civilians seeking refuge in schools and shelters. read more..

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